Retirement Gypsies, Winnemucca, Nevada

English: View along South Bridge Street in Win...

English: View along South Bridge Street in Winnemucca, Nevada, United States. Looking north toward Winnemucca Mountain. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After hours and hours of traveling through what I fondly call “The Land of Brown” we reach the town of Winnemucca, Nevada. The day was a perfect 75F with little wind and fewer people. Boasting only  8,000 or so residents, it was a pleasant surprise to find everyone I met incredibly nice. This fact and the three others, gas was only          $ 3.55 per gallon , sales taxes ran only 6.875% and the average home price is $189,737  made me question whether or not I could live in such a small community. I am, after all a city girl.

As I was having difficulty seeing the “draw” to this town, I queried  a Winnemucca born and raised local 25 year old woman as to what she thought were the towns best and worst qualities. Without hesitation, she heralded her fellow townspeople for being exceeding helpful to one another. This certainly comes in handy if you plan on retiring and depending on, at some point, your neighbors.

Many of the people here appear to work in the mines or the local businesses. She and her husband were planning on staying  and raising their family, and, had already purchased some acreage and a partially completed home for approximately$240,000. Not a reachable goal in the Bay Area.

 The hospital was excellent in her opinion as well as the low crime rate. On the “thumbs Down” side, she mentioned the fact that there wasn’t much to do there. I agreed.

All in all, Winnemucca seemed like a quiet small town where every night the population grows due travelers, crossing the state, stopping for the night.  But, if you treasure your privacy, enjoy off-roading and hunting this may just be your spot. Even though the  great home prices and tax advantages are a strong pull, I’ve decided not to make this friendly town my retirement Shangrala .

If you’ve retired here, I’d love to hear from you.

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