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English: “Biggest Little City in the World” arch on Virginia Street in Downtown Reno, Nevada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Bay area is only 4.5 hrs. away from the thriving city of Reno, Nevada. Having visited often, my experience is that it is a town of extremes, both in climate and character. The State of Nevada is the driest state in the United States. It is made up of mostly desert and semiarid climate regions. Reno itself sits in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Annual rainfall averages 7.48 inches, and their annual snowfall averaging 21.5 inches. Daytime summer temperatures in Reno can reach well over 100F to an average of 35F in December. No matter when I visit, it seems to be a ‘windy city”

 From a retiree’s standpoint, Nevada offers quite a few advantages for baby boomers. The following tax information can be found on Retirement For Living’s Website.

Nevada Taxes

Sales Taxes

State Sales Tax:  6.85% until June 2013 (food and prescription drugs exempt). Counties may add up to 1.25% additional.
Gasoline Tax: 51.5 cents/gallon  (Includes all taxes)
Diesel Fuel Tax: 53.0 cents/gallon (Includes all taxes)
Cigarette Tax: 80 cents/pack of 20

Personal Income Taxes

No state income tax
Retirement Income: Not taxed

Reno’s sales tax is approx7.725%,

Their current average listing price is $390,656. They do have an International Airport , and the University of Nevada-Reno as well as a community college here. If you enjoy fishing, hunting, big name entertainment at the casinos and winter sports in the Sierra’s, this may be the spot for you.

 Let me know what you think of Reno! 

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